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Before we get started let’s look at Dayton first. Dayton is a city in and the county seat of Montgomery County, Ohio, United States, in the southwestern part of the state. The population was 166,179 at the 2000 census.

The Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of 848,153 in the 2000 census. Dayton is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Ohio and the 61st largest Metropolitan Area in the United States.

Dayton is situated within the Miami Valley region of Ohio, just north of the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

Dayton is within 500 miles of 60% of the population and manufacturing capacity of the U.S. and so is defined as one of only two major logistics centroids in the United States.

It plays host to significant industrial, aerospace, and technological/engineering research activity and is known for the many technical innovations and inventions developed there.Much of this innovation is due in part to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and its place within the community.

Wright Patterson US Air Force Museum, Dayton, OH

With the decline of heavy manufacturing, Dayton's businesses have diversified into the service economy, including the insurance, legal, and healthcare sectors, though the city's population has continued to decline.

Dayton is noted for its association with aviation; the city is home to the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Dayton is also known for its many patents, inventions, and inventors that have come from the area, most notable being the Wright Brothers' invention of powered flight.

The Vectren Dayton Air Show is an annual air show that takes places at the Dayton International Airport. The Vectren Dayton Airshow is one of the largest air shows in the United States and is known as one of North America's premier events.

The city was the home of the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords, which brought an end to the war in Bosnia. Orville Wright, poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, and entrepreneur John H. Patterson were born in Dayton. In 2008, Site Selection magazine ranked Dayton the #1 medium sized metropolitan area in the nation for growth and expansion.Jimmy Eat World concert at Hara Arena, Dayton OH

North of Dayton is the Hara Arena that frequently hosts expo events and concerts. In addition, the Dayton Amateur Radio Association annually hosts North America's largest hamfest at Hara Arena.

Amateur radio operators are commonly referred to as "hams" with as many as 25,000 traveling from around the world to attend this convention.

Dayton has been home to a number of people of note over the years. Some of the most notable include actors Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe; the Wright brothers, inventors of the airplane and Nancy Cartwright, otherwise known as the voice of Bart Simpson. [Next]


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